ORDER (a poem)

i prefer structure:
syllables, grammar,
sentences, order.

it is who i am,
deep within my blood,
made of red water:

the blueprint of my
being remains there,
in these thin canals,

and my brain agrees,
because what matters
is my rationale.


Well, this is another interesting poem, and I’m honestly not sure where it came from. Personally, while I enjoy a certain degree of order in my life, I’m also very easygoing when it comes to my day to day existence.

That being said, I know a lot of you guys do truly value structure in your lives, so maybe you can relate to this desire to keep everything in alignment as you see it. Some argue that people can change; others argue the opposite, but I do believe each of us is programmed differently and we all have various components to what makes us who we are.

Today’s goal for us all should be this: Do we crave structure, or do we not? What are the positives and negatives of both thought processes? All up to you, my friends. ❤


Thank you guys again for supporting this journey. We are over halfway done now, but we’ve still got some more poems to go through. Hope all is well with you, wherever you are! ❤

-Katie Kay



NORTH (a poem)

yesterday i headed up
the coast, my body
suspended in air.
it was the trick
of a Lycoming engine
that kept me up there.
and as i went north,
each mile gone by,
i wondered if you
were in the sky
but i don’t know:
not anymore.


Today’s poem is one written while falling asleep. What? Yes. You read this correctly. Today has been a very long day, composed of four hours of class, a three-hour flight, and a constant hungry stomach whining at me. So before I pass out for twelve hours, I wrote this little poem for Day 14.

Truth be told, I’m not in the mood to analyze right now, so I’m not going to. But I just want to say thank you guys as always for going on this journey with me, and I apologize if my material has been lackluster as of late. If anything, this series is teaching me that discipline is well-intentioned, but it does not always bring positive results.

Hopefully there will be something to analyze tomorrow!


Thank you guys. ❤

-Katie Kay.



MIRROR (a poem)

this morning i caught
sight of a girl staring
at her reflection. she
watched herself with
curious eyes, admiration
coating each lens. i’m
not sure how long she
stared at herself, but it
was long enough for me
to think: am i wrong
to be the opposite? i
want nothing to do
with my reflection,
because when i catch
a glimpse of it, glass
shreds across time, space,
distance–and scratches
the coating of my eyes.


Well, this is an interesting poem, for sure, but it’s based on something I actually did see yesterday. In the middle of class, I caught a girl watching herself in the reflection of my blank computer screen. I looked over, completely baffled as to how long she was going to stare at herself, and it was for quite some time. While I think she was just bored, it was a very poetic moment to me, considering that she felt comfortable enough to admire herself for so many minutes.

I’m somebody who hates the mirror. Whenever I glimpse my own reflection, I scowl and look away. It isn’t because I’m super insecure about myself; I just never have enjoyed observing my qualities and thinking, “Okay, I’ve got good eyes,” or, “Wow, my nose is shaped weird.”

No, thanks.

Personally, mirrors expose my emotions in a physical form. It allows me to see myself for how I appear to others, and I’ve never been one to hold emotion well. So while I know people can read me like a book, I don’t want to read that particular book myself.

Weird, I know, but it’s from a place of honesty.


Thank you guys for joining me on this journey! We are now halfway done with this series, so, if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking: It’s about time! When is she going to produce new material?

Well, we’re getting there. But in the meantime I hope you enjoy some of these poems. ❤

Until tomorrow,

-Katie Kay



LISTEN (a poem)

a word has the power
to transform you in
a second or an hour

a voice has the skill
to send your hot skin
into the coolest of chills

an ear has the gift
to listen with love
before you drift


because no one listened


Some humans love to talk. A lot. So much that we find ourselves thinking: How do you have so much to say from that mouth of yours? Others love to listen, to the point that we find ourselves thinking: How do you have so little to say from that mouth of yours?

There is balance in both, but today let’s focus on listening. Consider your most important relationships, and think to yourself: Why do I value these relationships so much? There’s probably a common history, shared experiences, and many conversations had. And what’s a very crucial element of conversation?

Listening to another person.

When we don’t listen to others, we’re stifling our relationships from potential growth. And a person can really tell if you are listening or not, so it is very important that you do. If not, your relationships will suffer.


Again, I’m sorry for such a short post, but life is getting busier and busier! I hope you all are doing well, and I’m trying to read as much of your content as possible. ❤ Please bear with me in these next few months.

Until tomorrow,

-Katie Kay.



KITE (a poem)

tethered to a string,
suspended in glory,
is a bright crimson red kite:

it floats in the wind,
a symbol of freedom,
launched into the dark unknown.

and it hangs up there,
as high as it can go,
waiting for the forceful tug

that will bring it down,
and its freedom with it,
trampled by those on the ground.


Remember when you were a tiny kid, and all you wanted to do was go fly a kite? Except most days there was no wind, or your parents wouldn’t take you out to the park, or whatever excuse… Well, yeah, I don’t remember flying a kite all that often, but when I did, it was always a pretty cool experience.

Today’s kite is a symbolic reference to whatever you want it to be. Whether it’s freedom for you or something else, we toss our kites into the air, hope the wind catches them, and then sometimes they fly off. But eventually we have to pull our kites back to the earth, and then we tend to forget about them.

Weird poem, I know, but I’m about to take a major written aviation test tomorrow, so I’m strapped for time. That being said, I will be producing more quality content soon, and thank you for bearing with me on this journey.


Thank you guys for reading today’s post! You guys are the best. I’d also like to take this moment as a special time to reflect and remember the lives lost on September 11, 2001. 9/11 was a dark day in the United States’ history, and even after all these years we carry scars from the terrorist attacks that occurred then. So as you go about your day today, please keep a silent prayer for this country and this world, and that we all continue to have the freedoms we have been so carefully gifted. ❤

Until tomorrow,

-Katie Kay.




JOURNEY (a poem)

your journey in life
is never guaranteed:

you wonder, am i
ever truly free?

and i do not know
the answer quite yet

but one day i will,
after we have met


Hello, my dear readers! Today we’re embarking on a tiny ship bound for the inner sanctum of our minds. While onboard this ship, I want you to toss away any distractions and concentrate on the ebb and flow of our oceanic imagination. We’re tossed by waves in moments, and the next second it is as calm as can be: Yet what we’re headed somewhere, and even if we are unsure of the destination, it’s out there. We’ve just got to get to it first.

I’ll be honest: This poem is ridiculous. It starts out with the narrator (I guess me? Imagine yourself in the narrator’s shoes, please) questioning his or her freedom, and then heads down to: “Basically I’ll know my freedom when I’ve met the right person.”

Let’s just say, I’m not really in agreement with this theory. I think you find freedom in yourself and your choices, but this is what I wrote, so we’re analyzing it. Maybe some have found freedom and their journeys through other people; I would argue that my journey is headed one way, and it’ll be better with people on the same boat as me, but not simply because one person has influenced my thinking in any way.

I think I’m rambling now, so we’ll end it on this note: Be yourself, and trust that you will make it to where you want to go at some point. 🙂


Thank you, my dear readers! I wish you all a great day, and I hope you are happy and healthy. ❤

Until tomorrow,

-Katie Kay.



GUITAR (a poem)

for whatever reason
my brain’s got a
thing for music.

the music’s a salve,
a sweet drug that
turns me lucid.

i made a promise
to myself, i
intend to keep:

one day i’m gonna buy
that old guitar,
even if it’s cheap.

you called out to me
from a booth in
an antiques shop,

and you stayed with me
for hours, until
i had to stop,

because time had flown
by, and you took
me to the stars:

but i will come back,
never let you go,
my old guitar.


Okay, I promised you guys I would take a break from the dramatic poems of the past week and do something a little more light-hearted. Therefore, we’ve got this little guy, “Guitar,” which is pretty basic.

To give you guys some background, I’ll implore you to imagine yourself in an antiques shop surrounded by at least a hundred little booths of random knickknacks and relics of the past. Antiques shops are so much fun to explore, because you never know what you’ll find, and one weekend in the beginning of August I found myself in front of an old guitar. While I play the ukulele, it’s not the same thing as the guitar, but my trepidation didn’t stop me. I knew I had to play this guitar, and the intense emotion that connected me to the instrument was almost ridiculous.

For whatever reason, I’ve always loved music. Some people are wired for it, and others don’t really care, but I’m definitely on the first boat. Maybe it’s the imagination in me, the almost constant desire to transport myself elsewhere, but music is a perfect outlet for escape.

So, I did make a little promise to myself on that August night: With the money from my first paycheck as a CFI (a certified flight instructor), I’d go back to that booth and buy that guitar.

Ridiculous, perhaps, but it’s a promise I intend to keep.

This picture is awful, but here is the guitar I will buy in a few months.


Thank you, my wonderful readers, for sticking with me during this first week of the September Poetry Series. You’ve chosen to read this, which makes you a very important part of my life. Thank you for that, and I’m blessed by your presence!

More poetry tomorrow.

-Katie Kay.



FADE (a poem)

like dusk and echo fade away,
i know my time will come one day

to float away from this dear life,
and make my way from human strife:

to a land where sin is no more,
and peace crushes every single war.

yes: for until then i will wait
for the day when love conquers hate.


Well, this poem was not what I was expecting. The past few days have been produced very melancholy subject matter, and this one is not an exception to the rule. While I have not felt overly emotional lately, I do believe that this poetry series is churning out some deep-rooted thoughts in me, and I’m glad this outlet exists to share what’s on my mind.

We’re not guaranteed a set amount of days on this planet, and that’s why I believe it is so important to live our lives with optimism, bravery, and a taste for adventure. While I think I’ve got decades left on this planet, I really don’t know what I’ve got. And though this poem’s tone is almost nonchalant about the future, I’m not really in agreement with the final lines: but until that day i will wait

Huh? A poet doesn’t agree with her poem?

Not really. While I normally do wait around for things to happen my way, I don’t think we should live our lives like this. So maybe someone would be more apt to wait for happiness, but I believe we have the choice to transform our issues into positive energy. Without getting into controversial subject matter, I just want to say that I hope everyone lives a life devoted to loving others. And sometimes this love has a funny way of showing itself, that’s for sure.


Okay, I’m definitely a scattered brain right now. Hopefully tomorrow’s poem will be a little clearer. I really am ready to move onto happier material, so let’s hope tomorrow will be more upbeat. Only time will tell, I suppose!

Until tomorrow,

-Katie Kay.




as the darkness sweeps
over the landscape, and
the tilt of the sun
deepens over the horizon,
a curious reflection slices
me in half:

daylight is never guaranteed,
no matter what one may
tell you, and the friendly
rays of the sun will not
always be so inviting
to our skin.

so the thought that strikes
me is a curious flicker
of truth, and with it my
heart wonders how long
i’ve got to enjoy
this moment before it
too shall pass.


Another day has passed, you guys. While I try not to talk about it too often, I do think there should be a certain importance placed on the value of time. We know that our days on this planet are limited, and it’s up to us whether we spend those moments invested in what really matters. (Now the question of what really matters is up for discussion.)

This poem is my attempt at thinking of the complexity of life. How is it that one wakes up in the morning, stumbles around for a while, and has the blessing of seeing another sunset experience? And while sunsets are generally considered one of the prettiest periods of the day, no one seems to care much about dusk, which is seen as the darkness that shuts out the last little slivers of light.

I guess my feeling is this: I wish we would stop every now and then and thank God for what we have. The clock is ticking, and there is so much to do and see before the battery runs out. This may be a morbid thought, but it doesn’t have to be. What would be morbid is if we only lived our lives thinking of ourselves… And not the beautiful world around us.


Thank you guys once more for joining me on this adventure. You didn’t have to read this, but you chose to, and that means so much to me. ❤ I really do hope you guys are doing well, and thanks for sticking with me through this next month of poetry. I will do my best to keep it somewhat lively.

Until tomorrow,

-Katie Kay.




like a chameleon
i wear a coat
of many colors:

one second emerald,
the next cerulean,
iridescent wonders.

i shift and shine
according to
sun and society,

and, bless stability,
but why not try
a slice of variety?

so catch me if you
can, before i go
and change again

and ask yourself:
do you truly know
who and what i am?


Well, here we go! Another poem for you lovely readers. A few days ago, I found myself realizing something pretty ridiculous about myself: I tailor my opinions to who I am talking to. While many people are blunt and speak what they truly believe, I have a tendency to either keep my opinions to myself or mirror what another person is saying so I do not offend him or her.

Ridiculous, I know, and this is something I need to work on. However, this fits the reflection of “Chameleon,” which really pokes fun at my choice to reveal different “skins” of myself rather than what’s truly on my heart.

This probably happens to you as well. You don’t want to offend someone, so you shift your words just a little bit so that a possible conflict is avoided. But when we do this, the truth is revealed: Do you truly know what you believe? And why are you so afraid to say what you do think is true? And if you don’t know, how in the world will anyone else be able to identify your true self in the meantime?


Thank you guys, as always, for your reading and support! I hope you enjoyed this poem, and look out for another one tomorrow. ❤

Until then,

-Katie Kay.